About The Founder

Danyette Smith is a Game Changer (Survivor) of domestic violence and knows the effects it can have on kids and families first hand. From having a gun placed to her head and told she would be killed if she left, having two plates in her eyes currently to hold her cornea in place from being hit, or the effects it had on her children, she experienced it firsthand. 

Danyette is a Academic Advisor for grades 9-12 at a charter school that covers the whole state of Indiana, an author, and she is a strong believer in God with him inside of her shining HIS light as an active leader in her church. She has an Associate degree in Business Management as well as her Bachelors of Science in Human Services with a concentration in Child and Family Welfare. She is currently 10 weeks away from her Masters in Non-Profit Social and Community Service Leadership.  Core 40 sexual assault and domestic violence trainings and is recognized amongst her community with several awards for advocacy including the 2016 Advocacy Award from the Domestic Violence Network (DVN) and Julian Center of Indianapolis. Her passion is dedicated to families being who she once needed while experiencing domestic violence. 


24 Hour Crisis Line (317) 728-6733