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Silent No More, Inc. is a 501c3 non- profit organization formed to change mindsets within the communities through education, prevention, intervention, and awareness on domestic violence in the home and teen dating abuse. There are endless possibilities with a growth mindset and going into our communities engaging, reaching, and teaching families is our #1 goal, along with building youth into leaders while changing statistics.
Is to change the mindsets of each individual child and adult we encounter on their exposure and knowledge of domestic violence and teen dating abuse changing households and communities.  
To help the communities around the world with awareness, prevention, and education, on domestic violence in the home and teen dating abuse without limitations to whole households through community workshops, speaking engagements, schools, churches, partnerships, and mentoring.
Belief Statement
Silent No More, Inc. believes in mentoring families in the state of Indiana through teaching the awareness, prevention, and get out methods for domestic violence in the home and teen dating abuse. In addition, how to spot it, with safety part of our #1 goal.  We aim at changing the thinking and mind set of our families to have a better community and safe home. Exposing the facts on domestic violence and teen dating abuse through workshops, speaking and community engagements, and partnerships will be the start to statistics changing. We believe fun is important with teens and families, so all education is age/family based and taught with a fun and/or raw edge for them to remember it throughout the rest of their life. Stretching minds to understand domestic violence at all levels. Also, teaching how to recognize negative thinking, taking charge of your mind, and changing it into positive thinking while in a negative situation. Recognizing domestic violence and teen dating abuse, who to contact, the Indiana statistics, and true stories exposed on the effects and outcomes of survivors is presented. Teen dating abuse exposed to build awareness on teen dating as 1 in 3 youth will experience it in their lifetime. Children are already leaders, identifying their leadership skills and teaching them how to apply them to daily life and/or any type of abuse is our belief and implemented as well. Adults are the glue to our children so we want to be sure to educate all.


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