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Services Include:

*Crisis Intervention 

*Emergency shelter placement

*Support Groups

*Domestic Violence Education and Support

*Teen Dating Abuse education

*Survivor Advocacy 

*Protection Order walk-thru

*Educational Workshops

*Speaking Engagements

*Other services OFFERED within our client base


Silent No More, Inc started as a advocacy program to bring more education, awareness, and prevention to the communities in Indianapolis. Being the boots on the ground domestic violence organization for everyone with a major focus on high calls/run in our Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department districts regarding domestic violence. 

Since this last year, we have been able to focus on the above while  adding Crisis Intervention for the community. We now also provide  crisis intervention emergency shelter placement  for those fleeing domestic violence while shelters are full. Including wrap around services during their stay, in addition to referrals and resources to other services such as counseling. In addition we help our clients with housing funds to prevent them from returning to abuse. 

All families deserve a safe and peaceful home free from abuse 

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